November 14, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Friday Joke: Train Shuts Toilets to Avoid Emergency Stop

Here is a real story from UPI:

As quoted from the story:

A train conductor in Sweden said he was forced to shut down the toilets because too much flushing could stop the train.

The compressor that triggers the train’s emergency brake is connected to systems that control the toilets, said Mats Gustavsson, a technician with the Bergslagen train line, the Swedish news agency tt reported.

If the pressure drops below a certain level, the emergency brakes trigger automatically, Gustavsson said, noting it literally is possible to ‘flush on the emergency brake.’

This is one of those stories that sounds so stupid that it can’t be true. But sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.

Maybe they should use Equifator® to troubleshoot the problem?

Also, is this the only train with this issue or is it a Generic problem?

Even if the “flush to stop” is true, it certainly qualifies as our Friday Joke!

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