August 25, 2006 | Mark Paradies

FRIDAY JOKE: You know it’s a bad day when a picture of your new Ferrari makes the rounds of the internet – WRECKED!

What a beautiful car!

Image001 111

Image002 77

To see the rest of the story, click below.

Here is what’s left when you hit a pole at over 100 MPH.

Image003 27

Image004 23

Image005 14

Image007 13

Image008 13

Image009 8

Image010 6

Image011 6

Image012 4

The e-mail said:

The car only had 9 miles on the odometer.

The driver only had some bruising (from the seat belt) and 2 small cuts.

Let’s here it for Ferrari engineering!

200+ MPH straight out of the crate and a crash protection system that saved an idiot.

By the way, one could define an idiot as anyone who would attempt 200 MPH on a US highway (not even a divided highway…)!

Now for the root cause analysis???

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