September 22, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Get the Right Management Support for Your Improvement Program, Incident Investigations, and Corrective Actions

I can’t count how many times I have heard people complain:

We just can’t get management support!

From these complaints, I would guess that lack of management support for improvement programs, incident investigations, and implementation of corrective actions are significant issues at many companies.

But there is more to a lack of management support than just people complaining. Failure of management to support improvements can be a factor in major accidents. For example, the BP Texas City refinery explosion could have been prevented by a corrective action that was deferred. It would have cost less than $150,000 to tie the pressure reliefs from the raffinate unit into a knockout drum and flare that was being installed at a nearby unit. But the improvement was canceled to save money. (I would call that a lack of management support.)

What can we do to solve this problem? To get the proper level of support for improvement programs, incident investigations, and corrective actions? Don Harrison has answers and techniques to help you get the support you need and keep that support over the months and years needed to make improvement happen.

I learned about Don’s organization and the techniques they teach about a decade ago. I attended his two-day course that teaches strategies to improve and accelerate project implementation. We’ve had people from Don’s company talk about sponsorship and implementation improvement at past Summits. But this is the first time the inventor of many of the techniques that Implementation Management Associates (IMA – Don’s company) – Don Harrison – will speak at the Summit.

Don’s talk – “Getting Sponsorship Right: The Most Critical Factor in Implementation” – is perfectly on target for those who need to improve management support of improvement initiatives, incident investigations, and corrective action implementation.

Stop complaining. Get to the Summit and learn how to get the management support you need to make change happen. Register at:

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