May 5, 2009 | Barb Carr

Good Luck Wagga Wagga Warriors!

System Improvements, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the Linden Wagga Wagga Warriors and wishes them the best at the FLL U.S. Open Championship Tournament May 7th to 9th in Dayton Ohio.

The team of ten boys, all students from Linden Elementary School and Robertsville Middle School have been preparing since January by rebuilding their robot, reprogramming and fine tuning missions and sharing their research within the community. They plan to represent their schools, Oak Ridge, and Tennessee the best they can, but most of all they hope to enjoy the experience and learn a lot.

Pictured are team members: (From L to R)
Back Row:  Luke, Zach, Andreas, Eli, Lucas
Front Row: Jonas, Kevin, Michael, Jacob (Missing:  Brandon)


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