October 3, 2012 | Mark Paradies

Have You Saved a Life Today?

When was the last time you saved a life?

I remember the first time I saw my daughter, who had a summer job as a lifeguard, save a man and a boy from drowning in a lake. Afterwards I talked to her. She didn’t see it as a big deal. She said she did rescues every week. She didn’t consider it heroic. It was just part of her job.

Several years ago at the TapRooT® Summit, a TapRooT® User approached me to thank me. He said that they had stopped fatalities at their site after learning to apply TapRooT®. He told me that improved performance meant that, over a period of several years, they had saved about five lives at their refinery. He then said …

“Imagine how many TapRooT® Users there are applying TapRooT® around the world …
Easily there are hundreds of lives saved every year!”

Have you found and fixed the root causes of potentially fatal accidents at your site? Then you too have saved a life – or maybe more than one life.

Try not to become complacent about the lives you are saving. Celebrate your success. Tell others about the good job they are doing. Make sure that management knows about the lives saved.

And never stop improving. 

As my boss in the Navy, Captain Willian J. Rodriguez, told me:

“If you’re not pedaling, you’re going downhill.”


Don’t become complacent about saving lives.

Keep up the good work.

And when you can, enlist others in this great cause.

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