February 18, 2010 | Ken Reed

Have you seen the fantastic Version 5 TapRooT® Software?

I thought I’d give everyone a peek at what we can all expect to see at TapRooT® Courses in the near future.  The screenshots I’m showing you are what is available RIGHT NOW in the Enterprise version 5.1.4 of the TapRooT® network software.

The software is based on Internet Explorer, so you can see how we’ve progressed to state-of-the-art web-based tools.
This is the landing page:

This screen is customized for each user.  It will show you all of YOUR investigations (those on which you are a Team Leader or a Team Member).  Everyone’s landing page will be slightly different, showing only those investigations that you are working on.

Once you start the investigation, the software will guide you through the 7-Step TapRooT® process.  The main page you’ll use for each investigation looks like this:

This page allows you to view any techniques you’ve been using in this investigation, and allow you to start a new technique with the click of a button.  Everything flows from the 7-Step Process.

Need a SnapCharT®?  It will look like this:

The SnapCharT® uses a simple interface that provides an intuitive, easy-to-use working environment.  It provides you with a large, unrestricted whiteboard, expanding to the number of pages you need.  There’s also a great navigation tool built in to help you move around in those larger, more complex charts.

Once you’ve identified Casual Factors, the software automatically generates a blank Root Cause Tree®, ready for you to begin your analysis:

And Corrective Action development is just a click away on the 7-Step Process Flow:

You can also use some new trending tools, like this Root Cause Distribution report that tells you what Root Causes you’ve identified during your investigations:

For the Enterprise Software users, check with your IT department and see if you have been upgraded to version 5.1.4.  This is the latest version, incorporating the features shown above.  For the rest of us, keep a look-out here on the website for anouncements concerning the up-coming release of the software for individual users!

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