December 6, 2006 |

Have you seen the November Root Cause Network™ Newsletter and the November TapRooT® Friends/Experts e-Newsletter?

What is in the November Root Cause Network™ Newsletter:

INPO 8 vs. TapRooT® 10 (Page 1)

Last Chance for TapRooT® in ’06 (Page 2)

2007 TapRooT® Courses (Page 2)

Attorney vs. Process Improver (Page 2)

Corrective Action: Firestone Tires (Page 2)

Mistakes Trending Mistakes (Page 3)

Courage at Work
(Page 3)

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And what’s in the November TapRooT® Friends/Experts e-Newsletter?

Editor’s Letter: EXPLOSION ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS: Comments on the CSB Press Release about the BP Texas City Refinery Explosion and Fire.

HURRY! It’s Your LAST CHANCE to Register for 2006 TapRooT® Courses!

You May Still Have a Chance to Register for Courses in the US, Canada, UAE, Kenya and Australia!

Medical Error Reduction Best Practices Track at the 2007 Summit, San Antonio, Texas

Learn How to Stop Human Errors at your Healthcare Facility.

Start Planning Your TapRooT® Courses for the New Year!

2007 is Closer than You Think! Register for January Courses Today!

“Quality Problems Need Root Cause Analysis” by Mark Paradies … Product Recall is a Quality Issue . . . and Quality Issues Need Root Cause Analysis

How to Navigate the Summit Website

The 2007 TapRooT® Summit Website is Up and Running, and We’ve Made it Easier than Ever for You to Customize your Schedule.

Root Cause Analysis Blog

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned / Summit Testimonials / Tech Support Thursday / 10 Most Popular OSHA Violations / Legal Woes and Root Cause Analysis: BP Texas City Explosion . . . and much more!

“Lessons from the Crime Scene” by Ken Reed … What Can Be Learned about Equipment Malfunction from a Crime Scene Investigation?

Q&A Column

Which SQL Server should Enterprise Users use?

J.O.K.E. of the Month

Place Your Vote for the Funniest Photo!

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