February 22, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Have you voted yet?

Have you voted yet?

Vote for your 10 favorite sessions at the TapRooT(R) Summit.

Here’s the list of sessions to choose from.

In the Company of Heros – Mike Durant, Blackhawk Down Pilot

Better Communications to Improve Safety, Quality, Productivity, & Morale! – Vincent Phipps, TLC LLC

Challenging the Way North Americans Manage Safety – Jim Whiting – Risk@Workplaces, Australia

Getting Beyond Slips, Lapses, Mistakes, and Latent Errors – Mark Paradies, President, System Improvements

A Corporate Vision for Performance Improvement – Mike Kelly – VP Operations at TODCO

Panel Discussion: What is the Most Important Factor in Leading an Investigation – Mark Paradies, President, System Improvements – Moderator. Panel: Mike Kelly, VP TODCO; Brian Locker, Consultant, TapRooT®; John Carpenter, Safety Manager, Intel; Ken Turnbull, retired Safety Manager, Texaco & Consultant, TapRooT®; Jim Whiting, risk@workplaces, Australia; Steve Hawkins, Assistant Administrator, Tennessee OSHA; Mark Kaszniak, Chemical Incident Investigator, CSB

Rewards – The Secret of Success, Bob Nelson, Guru of Rewards

Leadership Skills to Enhance Human Performance – Brian Locker, Consultant, TapRooT®

Communication Techniques to Stop Communication Errors – Vincent Phipps, TLC LLC

Strategies for Reducing Human Error & Injury when your Workforce is Aging – Joel Haight, Penn State

Analyzing Fatigue as a Cause of Errors – Bill Sirois, Sr. VP & COO, Circadian Technologies

Understanding Human Error by Using Critical Human Action Profile – Mark Paradies, President, System Improvements

Using Technology to Reduce Human Error – Joel Haight, Penn State

Using Mistake Proofing as a Corrective Action to Prevent Slips and Lapses – John Grout, Campbell School of Business

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Improvements – Joel Haight, Penn State

Holding Live, Interactive Safety Meetings on the Web – Dr. Don Lighter, CyberCE

A UK Best Practice – The Safety Case – Terry Callan, C Safe T, Ltd

ZERO Accidents – Best Practices to Attain Outstanding Safety Performance – Thaddeus Allen, Fluor Corporation

Process Safety Best Practices from the Nuclear Navy – Ken Reed, System Improvements

TapRooT® User Best Practices – Linda Unger, VP, System Improvements & Michele Lindsay, Consultant, TapRooT®

Establishing a Just Culture/No Blame Environment for More Effective Investigations – Jim Whiting Principal, risk@workplaces, Australia

Investigation/Corrective Action Best Practices – Dana Barclay, President, Dana Barclay, Ltd.

Learning More from Multiple Aviation Accidents – Dennis Ward, Medallion Foundation,

Management Involvement in Corrective Actions – C.J. Backlund, LANL

Best Practices for Getting & Keeping Management Buy-In – Brian Locker

Ranking the Risk of Your Incidents & the Importance of Your Corrective Actions – Linda Unger, VP SI, Jim Whiting, Principal, risk@workplaces, Australia, & Ken Turnbull, consultant, (enforcement), + TapRooT® Users

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Investigations – Michele Lindsay & Brian Locker

Innovative Thinking & Creative Corrective Actions – Michele Lindsay, Consultant, TapRooT®

Regulatory Investigations – Lessons Learned from Fatality Investigations – Steve Hawkins, Assistant Administrator, Tennessee OSHA,

Regulatory Investigations – BP Texas City Refinery Explosion Investigation – Mark Kaszniak, Chemical Incident Investigator, CSB

Best Practices for Fast Analysis of Small Problems – Sanjay Gandhi, Nutek Solutions, Ltd, & Jim Thatcher

Using the Root Cause Tree® and Managing Corrective Actions in the New TapRooT® Software – Mike Casada, Consultant, TapRooT®, & Evan Erwin, IT Support, SI

TapRooT® Certified Instructor Workshop – Linda Unger, VP, SI

Using SnapCharT® for Process Mapping – Bryce Donaldson, Ophion Risk Management

TapRooT® Software: Single User, Workgroups, or Enterprise Edition – Which is Best for Your Company? – Ed Skompski, Partner, SI & Frank Garcia, Persistech

Installation Best Practices for TapRooT® Software – Frank Garcia, Persistech & Steve Dashper, Software Engineer, SI

BuildingYour Own Custom Reports in Access, Excel, or Crystal Reports – Frank Garcia, Persistech

Linking the TapRooT® Software to Other Databases – Frank Garcia, Persistech

Answering the Unanswered Questions about TapRooT® Version 5 Software – Ed Skompski, Partner & Software Project Manager; Frank Garcia, President Persistech; Steve Dashper, Software Engineer, SI; Evan Erwin, IT Support, SI

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