January 9, 2012 | Mark Paradies

Have you Written Down your Improvement Goals for 2012?

Have you written down your improvement goals for 2012?

New Year’s Eve has passed … so you probably did … right?

Not only that, but you’ve probably developed metrics that show you your progress.

And Process Behavior Charts of those important metrics so you can tell if significant trends are occurring.

(See Chapter 5 of your 2008 TapRooT® Book …

08Taprootbook Cover-3

or attend the pre-Summit TapRooT® Advanced Trending Techniques Course – February 27-28 in Las Vegas – to learn how to apply advanced trending tools.)

WHAT!?! You haven’t written down your goals and developed metrics?

Get HOT!

Writing down your goals makes achieving them much more certain.

And “What gets measured, gets done!”

Don’t let important improvement initiatives get forgotten in the daily crunch to get things done.

One more idea …

Use the comment field to leave a couple of your better improvement goals and metrics here. Others can see them and get inspired to make more improvement happen at their facilities. We’ll all help each other to be challenged to get better.

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