May 18, 2009 | Barb Carr

Healthcare Performance Improvement Best Practice Sharing

TapRooT® Summit attendees value our industry-specific best practice sharing sessions not only for the opportunity to learn best practices but also for the networking. Peer networking at the Summit, both socially (at our Reception) and professionally (in the best practice sessions) give attendees twice the opportunity to make long-lasting professional contacts. With all the demands on your time made by your professional and personal life, it’s good to know the Summit is also designed so you will have plenty of time to meet new people.

Networking is just the icing on the cake. Best practice sharing will help you solve many problems you deal with on a day-to-day basis. How is TapRooT® being utilized to promote best practices within the healthcare industry? How are root causes being tracked to evaluate effectiveness of investigations and corrective actions? Come prepared to discuss these and other issues as we seek to promote operational excellence in the healthcare industry.

Harry Wetz and Ed Skompski will be co-facilitators in the Healthcare Performance Improvement Best Practice Sharing session at the 2009 Summit.


Harry Wetz is the Patient Safety Officer and Director of Quality Management of INTEGRIS Health, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is also the Chairman and member of the Board of Directors of INTEGRIS Federal Credit Union. He was a Fellow of Patient Safety Leadership/Fellowship at the American Hospital Association Health Forum. He has served as Chairman and member of the Respiratory Care Licensure Committee at Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision, and as President of the Oklahoma Society for Repiratory Care. Harry is a graduate of the Respiratory Care Program at Rose State College.

LEARN MORE about the Eliminating Hospital Sentinel Events Track at the 2009 Summit here.

And register early! (And don’t forget registering early means more chances to win great prizes!)

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