January 21, 2008 | Barb Carr

Heart Attack Victim Survival Rate Good In Canada Despite Long Waiting Times in Health Care

“Canada ranks 23rd out of 30 countries surveyed in “consumer friendliness” of its health-care system” cites a report by European and Canadian researchers in the Canadian Press. Having more in common with publicly financed and governed European health-systems, the “think tank” researchers wanted to compare Canada with like populations in this first annual “consumer index”. Not including publicly-commercially financed countries such as the United States would provide a better base-line of performance for Canada.

What will the affect of this study be? Canada performed well in survival rates of heart attack, cancer, and other medical procedures, but failed in areas such as treatment waiting times, range of services available, and access to new diagnosis tools and new medicine. First question to ask is whether there were countries that performed well in the latter categories but failed in survival rates? As a medical consumer, what is more important to you, survival rate or “friendliness”? As a medical business, what is important, survival rates or “friendliness indexes” that would bring new customers to your business or longer term survival rates? If business operation policy is changed to perform well in this survey, this will also affect how you perform future sentinel investigations.

As a medical health-system provider, should you chance changing your policy and procedures based on this survey? When business risk assessments and hazard risk assessments diverge this is bad practice. This practice tends to split quality, safety, and operation personnel reducing a one-company mission. How can you prevent this company split? Ensure sentinel investigations and corrective actions are based on accurate human performance and equipment root cause analyses? If you see this bad practice occurring in your medical health service, you may find TapRooT® an effective solution. Contact us from this site to learn what medical health providers have taken on this challenge with TapRooT®.

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