February 14, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Here’s the Un-Cut ABC Footage of the Fatal Luge Accident

Although the video isn’t bloody, don’t play it unless you are thinking about sources of information for an investigation of this accident.

Note: They took down the ABC footage, and all other sources I could find, but this ABC footage has a couple of pictures…

Watching the video does make one think … shouldn’t there have been more Safeguards in place?

90 miles per hour and fixed steel objects just a few feet way.

It seems the only Safeguard was the “goodness” of the luge driver.

What do you think??? Was this “safe enough”?

See a previous blog post by Dave Janney here:


By the way, here’s the picture in case the footage above gets taken down again…

Picture 12.png The steel post that he hit is about 1 meter to the right of the wall you can see him going over.
This is the last turn and in the video, you can see him drop down from the curve and hit the inside wall, fly off his sled, go over the short wall. and hit a steel post head first.
The fixes to the “safe” course were to raise the wall all along the section where you can see it and to move the start line down the run to reduce speeds (which were higher than in any previous Olympic luge event.)

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