July 6, 2009 | Barb Carr

Hot New Strategies for a Successful Job Hunt

The Internet, the poor economy and a tight job market are changing the rules for job-seeking. Don’t be left in the dust . . . and you will be if you are following the “old rules” for finding a new job. What are the old rules? Well, most people spend the majority of their time tweaking their resumes and sending them out to their networks, but in this economy, getting noticed means thinking differently.

Welcome to the new resume:


If you are not publishing yourself in the social media world, you are missing out on big opportunities. Or maybe you are publishing . . . have you checked your name in Google lately? Are you representing yourself the way you want to be seen by a potential employer? Perhaps you already have a job — you feel you don’t need an online presence. Here’s why you want to give a second thought to creating an online presence: you may find yourself receiving job offers you can’t resist exploring even when you aren’t looking!

Learn how to promote yourself online — it’s not as hard and as time-consuming as you might think. Instead of mailing out resumes telling potential employers what you can do . . . show them through social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Believe me, they are watching what you do through your “Google” resume anyway.

We are excited to announce a new track at the 2009 TapRooT®: Career Development Best Practices to help you land the perfect job.

On this track, Combine a Super Resume with a Social Network to Find Your Next Job will show you how to put out information that employers value. Combine this session with What is Your Career Plan, Can a Corporate Recruiter Help Your Career? and Job Interview Communication Skills and watch what happens in your career development!

Learn more on our website: 2009 TapRooT® Summit

Don’t forget, employers are looking for people with TapRooT® skills every day — we post the job openings we find on this blog. Why not take the 2-day TapRooT® course Pre-Summit or an Advanced TapRooT® course to super charge your resume? You’ll save $200 when you schedule a Pre-Summit Course with your Summit registration.

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