February 6, 2019 | Susan Napier-Sewell

Houston, We Have a Summit for Problem-Solvers … & a Pre-Summit

Imagine if all the courses that can change the way you work and solve problems within your organization were laid out, just for you, in a five-day time frame.

Consider these benefits within the scenario (note: it’s real, not imaginary):

  • We designed an annual event–this year is our 31st, the 2019 Global TapRooT® Summit–to address the issues that you need to improve. How do we know what these issues are? We teach root cause analysis of the world’s leading companies. This interaction makes us premier “knowledge-brokers.” Instead of keeping all the best practices we learn to ourselves, we share them with you at the TapRooT® Summit.
  • We plan the Summit so that you can network and benchmark with other attendees from industry-leading companies, with performance-Improvement experts, and with our knowledgeable instructors from around the world.
  • We connect with our clients to get their ideas and to encourage them to present their proven best practices as part of the Summit, providing further opportunities for you to learn new best practices to apply to improve performance at your company.
  • We provide a guarantee to you: 

GUARANTEE: Attend the 2019 Global TapRooT® Summit. Go back to work and implement your road map to success. If you don’t save 10 times the cost of your attendance at the Summit, let us know and return your Summit materials and we will refund 100% of the Summit registration fee. This guarantee shows how certain we are that you will learn valuable best practices to take your organization’s performance to the next level.

Watch the video to gain more insight into what the 2019 Global TapRooT® Summit can do for you:

Check out the schedule to see what is in store for you at the 2019 Global TapRooT® Summit. Take a look at the rock star Keynote Speakers, sure to inspire you and provide valuable takeaways. Sort your goals, needs, and priorities against the Pre-Summit coursesWhat is your highest priority for 2019 and beyond? Learn more here about the Best Practice Tracks at the 2019 Global TapRooT® Summit.

We know you have only so much time and resources to give to training and conferences in any given year. We are confident that the TapRooT® Summit will be the best conference you attend this year and worth every effort you make to get there.

Register now for the 2019 Global TapRooT® Summit, March 11-15, 2019, in the Houston, Texas, area at La Torretta Lake Resort. You don’t want to miss the 2019 Summit! 

Conduct your own investigation into our courses and discover what TapRooT® can do for you; contact us or call us: 865.539.2139.

Stay engaged with your skills and training: Follow along on our blog; tune in to our Wednesday TapRooT® TV video sessions at noon EST; connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PinterestLinkedIn, and YouTube.

TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Best Practice
TapRooT® training, software, investigation support, and implementation and post-implementation assistance is for companies that can’t afford second best when solving mission-critical problems that could:

  • Save lives
  • Prevent serious injuries
  • Stop environmental damage
  • Avoid significant quality issues
  • Eliminate costly equipment downtime


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