March 16, 2009 | Barb Carr

How Can We Get Management Interested?

How can we get management interested in investigations, corrective actions and improvement quality?


Kay Gallogly, an organizational effectiveness consultant in the nuclear power industry, will be co-presenting (with Barry Baumgardner) a 2009 Summit session answering this question. Kay’s focus areas are incident investigation, human performance, and safety culture. She has been investigating incidents since 1992. Prior to starting her own company, Kay worked for Exelon for 13 years in a number of capacities including six years of technical fieldwork. She has a BA in Organizational Management and an MBA.

During this Summit Best Practices Session, Kay and Barry will use interactive question and answer techniques. This session will demonstrate why management has to have a direct interest in the investigation, and why management involvement in the development of corrective actions and ensuring that quality work is performed & documented within managed due dates can drive the incident rate down and make the work environment safer for everyone.

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