January 5, 2010 | Mark Paradies

How Can You Demonstrate a Positive Safety Culture to the NRC?

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a draft Safety Culture Policy Statement for comment.

The draft requires all nuclear material licensees (companies that operate reactors and that use or manufacture nuclear material) should demonstrate a positive nuclear safety culture. But how?

Here’s an idea…

One of the characteristics of a positive safety culture outlined in the draft policy statement is:

The organization maintains a continuous learning environment in which opportunities to improve safety and security are sought out and implemented.”

The policy statement then includes examples. One example is:

Personnel seek out and implement opportunities to improve safety and security performance.”

One great opportunity to demonstrate a site’s commitment to a positive safety culture is to have a team attend the TapRooT® Summit and implement best practices that they learn at the Summit. This demonstrates that personnel are seeking out and implementing “opportunities to improve safety and security performance.” Especially if you bring a couple of security folks with your Summit improvement team.

So, if you are planning how you can demonstrate to the NRC that you have a positive safety culture, don’t forget to explain how your improvement team attending the Summit is an example of efforts to maintain a continuous learning environment.

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