December 19, 2018 | Mark Paradies

How Can You Make Sure You See the Latest TapRooT® TV News?

Every week (on Wednesday at noon), we publish a new episode of TapRooT® TV to help you keep up with the latest in root cause analysis, incident investigation, performance improvement, and more. The episodes appear on our Facebook page as a Facebook Live broadcast.

But, what if you aren’t available at noon? How can you catch up on our broadcasts?

That’s easy! If you prefer, we also have a YouTube Channel.

How do you get notified when each broadcast is uploaded? Simple. See the picture of the channel above? Just below the giant TapRooT® Banner, you will see a SUBSCRIBE button. Simply click it (on your personal YouTube page at the link above, not the picture above). My page in the picture above says “SUBSCRIBED” because I already clicked it to subscribe. Next, click the bell beside the Subscribed button. By clicking the bell, you will receive a notification email when anything new is posted. I get mine when new material is posted, including:

  • TapRooT® TV episodes
  • TapRooT® Summit presentations
  • TapRooT® Software Academy videos
  • Special features

Click on the VIDEOS tab and you will see all the past videos. There are many!

Don’t miss any of the editions! They are fast, fun ways to learn more about root cause analysis, patient safety, human error, incident investigation, interviewing, evidence collection, equipment problems, performance improvement, and much more.

Hope you can catch the live broadcasts, however, if you miss one, simply sign up to get a notice!

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