March 29, 2010 | Barb Carr

How Does Your Corporate Culture Effect Your Investigations?

The culture that exists within your company greatly effects the success of any investigation and subsequent corrective actions.  At the 2010 TapRooT® Summit, Brian A. Tink will be co-presenting “How Does Your Corporate Culture Effect Your Investigations” (with Brian W. Tink) to help your organization promote a successful culture.

This session will show you some ways to quantify & identify your current corporate culture. The session will conclude by suggesting how you can use this information to strengthen your organizational/safety culture, allowing you to develop and execute more effective corrective actions that will, in turn, lead to desired and significantly improved business results.

brian-tinkBrian A. Tink has recently graduated from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology with a Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology and Justice. His degree provides Brian the educational background to address and identify the cultural aspects of populations which are necessary to successfully implement corporate programs. Working with Watershape Safety Analysis Inc. Brian currently assists companies to identify and transform their organizational culture. He co-created a two day course which allows participants to use the Taproot tree in order to improve their organization’s culture. Brian is a certified instructor and facilitator using Human Synergistics’ culture and individual assessment tools.

View more best practice sessions on our schedules page, and make plans to attend the 2010 Summit!

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