November 17, 2022 | Susan Napier-Sewell

How far away is death? How much of a liability is roofing?

Roofing work was the fourth most dangerous profession in 2019, with the fatality rate at 48.6 and more than 100 lives lost per year.

According to Roof Revivers’ blog, “Why is Roofing so Dangerous”:

Why Roofing is Such a Dangerous Job

Roofing is a job that almost everyone needs, but nobody understands the dangerous stigma that surrounds roofing. They think of the job as something that anyone could do, but realistically you have to be very tough and smart to be a full-time roofer. The job is physically demanding as well as intellectually demanding, which is why it was rated as one of the ten most dangerous jobs in the world. Most people don’t understand why roofing is so dangerous, and that’s what this article is here for. We’ll take a look at why roofing is hazardous, and what makes it so perilous.

You’re Always at Risk to Fall:

When you’re up on the roof, whether the weather is perfect, or it’s raining, you have a chance of falling off of the roof and sustaining serious injuries. Even expert roofers have had near-death experiences with falling before. 34% of falling injuries when roofing end up being fatalities due to the serious damage done by falling. You’re also dealing with tons of equipment on the roof you can trip on when you’re roofing as well. This is one of the main reasons roofing is so dangerous.

How Far Away Is Death?
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