May 19, 2011 | Mark Paradies

How to Schedule an On-Site TapRooT® Course

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You know that you can attend our public TapRooT® Courses: the 2-Day, 3-Day Equifactor®, and 5-Day Team Leader. But do you know how to schedule these courses, or custom courses, at your site? Here’s how…

First, decide the training needs.

The needs depend on the types of investigations performed and the skills your investigators already have.

Also, the needs depend on any special requirements for an industry or application (for example, the need to do culture assessments or in-depth trend analysis).

To make this needs assessment easier, we would be happy to help. Call a TapRooT® Instructor at 865-539-2139 or e-mail or CLICK HERE. TapRooT® Instructors are experts at helping companies develop plans to improve incident investigation and root cause analysis training.

What’s next? Get preliminary dates for your courses and a quote. You can use this info to get your purchasing process started and get a purchase order in place.

Once we’ve accomplished the administrative requirements, our Course Coordinator will plan all the details including scheduling instructors and shipping materials.

All you need to do is schedule the training facilities and get people to the course.
It’s that simple.

And the return on investment can be amazing. See the Success Stories from TapRooT® Users at:

You will see why you need TapRooT® Training for your investigators, managers, and supervisors.

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