July 14, 2006 | Ken Reed

HPRCT Conference Summary

Mark and I just got back from the 12th Annual Human Performance, Root Cause, Corrective Action and Trending Conference held in Charleston, SC this week. If you are not familiar with this conference, it is set up for mainly those in the nuclear industry, discussing recent trends in those areas. It was a very well-organized conference, with a lot of great ideas and opportunities for networking with anyone interested in advanced programs covering these topics. I gave 2 talks:

Why Don’t People Follow The Rules
Evidence Preservation for Equipment Failure Troubleshooting

One common issue that I find is being seen throughout industry (including the nuclear industry) is the tendency to dive into equipment troubleshooting before a solid, usable troubleshooting plan is in place. I have discussed this topic in other venues, and I have found that it common in most industries, including mining, paper production, petrochemical, and power generation. I have attached a copy of my talk here. Please take a look at it, and decide how you are combatting this problem.

Root Cause Analysis
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