July 15, 2011 | Mark Paradies

Huffington Post: "Too Few Nuclear Accidents"

I should NOT read some articles.

How about this quote:

All it takes is one mistake. Three Mile Island didn’t even have to kill anyone and still managed to stop the U.S. nuclear industry in its tracks. The latest accident in Fukushima seems to have no such effect, at least not in the United States. (Germany raced to stop nukes once and for all.)

Here’s my question:

Does anybody think that just one mistake
caused the disaster at Fukashima, Three Mile Island,
or any other major disaster (nuclear or non-nuclear)?

20,000 people died due to a natural disaster of biblical proportions in Japan but the nuke plant disaster part of it killed NO ONE.

Obviously this contributor to the Huffington Post knows nothing of the “how to” of high reliability operations.

Yes, there is much to learn from this disaster but “shut down all your nuclear plants” is NOT the lesson we should be learning.

To see the whole story that’s not worth reading, go to:


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