December 7, 2021 | Emily Pritt

Human Performance Best Practices Track: A TapRooT® TV Video Premiere

What is the Human Performance Best Practices Track?

Would you love to learn what the top companies do to improve safety and efficiency in the workplace? The Global TapRooT® Summit is the perfect venue to do just that. Since 1994, and each year thereafter, System Improvements, Inc. has led the Summit as a must-attend conference for performance improvement. Our 2022 Global Summit will enable you to learn Human Performance Best Practices, in addition to networking, benchmarking, and hear TapRooT® user success stories. Look at the Summit Schedule and see the many sessions that address issues that you face.

Pre-Summit Course: Stopping Human Error

Summit week is May 2-6, 2022, and is comprised of both Pre-Summit courses (the first two days) and the Global TapRooT®Summit (which runs Wednesday through Friday).

We suggest that you check out our Pre-Summit courses. The Stopping Human Error Course is definitely a course you do not want to miss!

Global TapRooT® Summit: Human Performance Best Practices Track

The 2022 Global TapRooT® Summit has EIGHT specific tracks. These are:

  • Human Performance
  • Investigation & Root Cause Analysis
  • Executive Leadership
  • Compliance
  • Certified Instructor
  • Quality, Operational Excellence, and Asset Reliability
  • Safety & Risk
  • Soft Skills

Attend the Summit to learn new human performance best practices to improve performance at your company.

The Human Performance Best Practices Track is focused on some of the most important current topics that can help you improve human performance. The topics are based on input from TapRooT® Advisory Board Members and TapRooT® Certified Instructors. The following topics within Human Performance Improvement are set for 2022:

  1. If We Could Only Hire Better People These Accidents Wouldn’t Happen Presenter(s): Brian W. Tink, Michelle Wishoun
  2. Fighting Fatigue Presenter(s): Dr. Erin Flynn-Evans
  3. Pre-Job Risk Analysis & Pre-Job Planning Workshop Presenter(s): Tim Diggs
  4. Injury-Proofing Your Employees with Body Education & Badassery Presenter(s): Lori Frederic
  5. Fatality Investigations & Lessons Learned: Red Water Facility Fatality Investigation & Lessons Learned, Major Plant Fire Investigation Presenter(s): Grant Ireland, Cory Wald
  6. Psychology Behind Root Cause Analysis Presenter(s): Barb Carr, Anne Roberts

Note: Course topics and presenter(s) are subject to change. For a full list of tracks, topics, and presenter(s), please visit

Watch Mark Paradies and Emily Pritt as they discuss this topic

TapRooT® TV–What’s it about?

Tune in to our TapRooT® Facebook or YouTube to watch the best midday lunch and learn premiering each Wednesday, or listen to the conversation on the TapRooT® podcast. We explore ways to help you with your root cause analysis and incident investigation programs. Learn to find and fix root causes and develop corrective actions that improve safety, production, maintenance, and quality.

Mark Paradies is co-developer of the TapRooT® System. He became familiar with advanced human factors technology while at the University of Illinois. During his service as an officer in Admiral Rickover’s Nuclear Navy, he had the opportunity to observe errors that operators and mechanics made, even when well-trained and equipped with good procedures. Mark’s consideration of human factor concepts is foundational to TapRooT®—including advanced human performance technology without the usual jargon—particularly to help folks such as plant personnel, engineers, and managers. With the development of TapRooT®, Mark and TapRooT® co-developer Linda Unger have changed the way the world solves problems through advanced root cause analysis, training and software, assisting in designing and improving performance improvement programs, and in investigating the root causes of accidents.

Emily Pritt is a postgraduate researcher, communication strategist, & firearms instructor. She joined System Improvements, Inc. in 2020 and is a creative content writer and host for the TapRooT® TV Video Premiere series LIVE on Facebook, YouTube, and podcast platforms. She is most active on LinkedIn where she manages the company social media page and TapRooT® users & friends group. Emily has an Associate degree from Pellissippi State, a Bachelor’s in Communication from King University, and pursues a Master’s in Strategic Communication from the University of Tennessee.  

Join us May 2-6, 2022 at the Global TapRooT® Summit!

If you want to learn practical ways to improve:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Performance Excellence
  • Risk Management
  • Human Performance
  • Incident Investigations
  • Process Safety
  • Asset Reliability
  • and more!

Then you’ll want to attend the 2022 Global TapRooT® Summit, in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Register for a TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Training Course

TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Training courses are taught all over the world. If you are interested in learning how to stop repeat incidents, find a 2-day or 5-day course.  We are available to train you and your staff on-site at your workplace; contact us to discuss your needs. You may also call us at 865.539.2139.

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