September 22, 2005 | Mark Paradies

Hurricane Rita

Watching the news coverage of the approach of Hurricane Rita is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Even though the collision has not happened yet, you know the outcome is going to be bad.

I have been watching with special apprehension because so many of our clients are in the path of Rita and facing the destruction of their homes and places of employment. But just like a train wreck in slow motion, there seems to be very little that any of us can do except to get out of the way, if possible. (And for a house or a refinery, getting out of the way is not an option.)

Some might ask, “What is the root cause of such a devastating hurricane?”

On the Root Cause Tree(R) we would probably say it was a “Natural Disaster”.

Others might just say “nature”.

I found an interesting web article about the causes of the massive losses in these large hurricanes at: Hurricane Problem

If you are interested in the causes of massive losses in these types of deadly storms, this article is worth a quick read.

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