December 14, 2010 | Barb Carr

If it was good safety training in my last company, why would others not do it too? Severed Ring Finger



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This was posted on WorkSafeBC

Injury Type : Severed finger
Core Activity : Public school district
Location : Vancouver Island
ID Number : 2010110750411
Date of Incident : 2010-Jun

While washing the floor in a doorway, a worker slipped on the wet floor and fell. The worker was wearing a ring, which caught on the striker plate of the door, severing the worker’s finger.

For 12 years while enlisted as an Aircraft Mechanic in the United States Air Force, we were taught and had to practice “No Jewelry while working certain tasks.” Granted certain jewelry was allowed for office type work but not for what I had to do.

Then I left the service and saw that not many were practicing this concept.  Now don’t get me wrong, many of the other safe practices were there but not for hand and finger jewelry.  I would hear when I asked why, “the Air Force had too many rules; how did you have get work done?”

I wonder if the employee listed above is thinking that today?

Lesson of the day: Share and utilize good practices; do not wait until something bad happens.

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