April 17, 2009 | Barb Carr

Improve Your Organization’s Safety Culture

Do you understand your safety culture?

Do you want to improve your safety culture?

Capability Resources of Australia will be presenting Improving Your Organization’s Safety Culture as a Pre-Summit Course October 5-6, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee. This course is designed for persons, in all industries, interested in understanding and improving their organization’s safety culture. A full cross-section of people should attend including persons in safety, human resources, operations, maintenance, supervisory and management positions.

This course includes:

– An overview of various safety culture models (Professor Patrick Hudson, Professor James Reason and others)

– Why it is good business to improve safety culture

– Safety leadership practices

– The need to continually change measures and KPI’s to improve as an organization moves along the safety culture continuum

– Findings from other organizations

– Model and tools to measure and improve your organization’s safety culture

– Example of an organization’s survey result

You will gain a basic understanding of:

– What is meant by ‘safety culture’

– Elements of a safety culture continuum

– A ‘measure’ of your organization’s safety culture (from your perspective)

– Tools to help improve your safety culture

This special course is only offered once this year! Register today!

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