April 14, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Improvement Lallapalooza

TapRooT® Summit

October 7-9, 2009

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

What’s a Lallapalooza?

Lal•la•pa•loo•za: Defn: An extraordinary or unusual event; something outstanding of its kind; remarkable/wonderful thing.

What’s an “Improvement Lallapalooza”? An extraordinary gathering of people, speakers, and topics that will help you produce remarkable, outstanding perfor­mance improvement while having a wonderful time.

Wow! That sounds great. Where can I find an Improvement Lallapalooza? There’s one, and only one, scheduled for October 7-9 in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s called the TapRooT® Summit.

Why a Lallapalooza?

Why would we call the Summit a lallapalooza? Here are five typical comments from past Summit attendees:

1. Why didn’t you tell me how great the Summit is? Think of the problems my company could have avoided if I had known this stuff years ago.

2. I was surprised how much info there was beyond the TapRooT® Course. I can’t wait to put this stuff to work. It will save us big bucks.

3. I need to get our whole manage­ment team to attend the Summit. They need to hear these speakers first hand and participate in the networking. I think it could change the whole culture of our company.

4. The speakers were amazing and the networking was great!

5. I’m leaving here totally motivated with a plan to make real, positive change when I get back to work.

That sure sounds like a lallapalooza to me!


Networking01.jpg Networking Lallapalooza

The lallapalooza starts with an unusual exercise – the “Name Game.” We won’t spoil the fun but you will have a good time and meet new people. The networking continues by design. You’ll be amazed at how many new friends you make and the fun you have discussing best practices. It’s truly remarkable. (Click here for a video of people talking about the networking.)
Networking03.jpg TommyClient.jpg


Keynote Lallapalooza

ED Hill.png DRFISH.png kelley.jpg

MarkParadiesTeaching.jpg Prewitt.jpg JohnG.Miller.jpg

The Summit has become known for the motivating, interesting, unusual Keynote Speakers. This year they include:

E. D. Hill, cable news personality, provides lessons learned from suc­cess and failure.

Mike Kelley, a senior manager from the oil industry, will tell you how to achieve super-performance.

Dr. Joel Fish, Chief Medical Officer at St. John’s Rehab Hospital and world expert in plastic surgery for survivors of severe burns and traumatic injuries, will discuss (with the help of Jim Thompson & Brian Tink) a root cause analysis that became the impetus for developing an electrical injury treatment program standard for the Province of Ontario.

Mark Paradies, President of System Improvements and TapRooT® creator, & Dave Prewitt, VP at Rotorcraft & aviation safety expert, will explain new systematic ways to improve performance.

John Miller, founder of QBQ! Inc., will help everyone understand how personal accountability empowers people to take responsi­bility for improvement without looking for someone to blame.

That’s an extraordinary set of Keynote Speakers!

Best Practice Lallapalooza


Just one best practice learned from a worldwide industry leader can make the whole three days worthwhile. But at a lallapalooza, you expect more. That’s why we have 11 Best Practice Tracks with 64 speakers/facilitators leading discussions and sharing neat stuff. (Click here for a video of people talking about best practice sharing.) (Click here for more about the breakout sessions.)


Training Lallapalooza

Each year, Mark Paradies lines up special courses to help solve industries’ toughest problems & schedules them on Monday/ Tuesday (Oct 5-6) before the TapRooT® Summit. There are 12 extraordinary courses before the 2009 Summit:


(Click here for people talking about the training.)


Fun Lallapalooza  

Fun makes the Summit wonderful. There­fore, we design fun into the Summit from the opening session, to the reception (with the band Entice), through the golf tournament. We promise you will have fun while you learn practical ways to achieve extraordinary performance. IMG_1263_2.JPG


(Click here for people talking about the fun they had)


Lallapalooza Guarantee  

How certain are we that your time at the Summit will be worthwhile? We guarantee 10 times ROI!

Attend the Summit, then go back to work and use what you’ve learned.
If you don’t get at least 10 times the return on your investment,
simply return the Summit materials and we’ll refund the entire Summit fee.

Only a lollapalooza could offer an unusual, extraordinary guarantee like that!  

Registration Lallapalooza

Don’t sit around moping, down-in-the-dumps about the economy. On-line registration for a lallapalooza is just a click away. Go to:



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