September 11, 2006 | Mark Paradies

In Memory of Those Who Didn’t Make It

When I went back to read the e-mail communications that were sent in the aftermath of 9/11, I found the emotions I felt then flooding back.

I think that on this day – the fifth anniversary of that tragic day – it is right for us to reflect on the emotions we felt on 9/11. Reflect on the loss that occurred but also on the prayers that were shared and on the strange hope for the future that followed the attack.

So I thought I would re-publish three of those post-9/11 e-mails to let others share the feelings we all had in those hours and days that followed 9/11.

The first is our initial e-mail to our TapRooT® Friends and Experts e-Newsletter Subscribers.

The second e-mail has replies from our readers and my brothers story.

The third e-mail is a first hand account that was forwarded to me from a subscriber.

As for a follow-up about those that are mentioned in the above emails, I haven’t found out any more about those that were missing.

My brother has married and moved away from New York. He now lives in Tampa with his wife and 2 year old son.


It seems that somehow those evil acts on 9/11 have somehow taken part of the goodness of mankind out of the world.

People are now more suspicious. You can’t even bring a bottle of water on a plane – it might be a part of a bomb.

And the political discourse in the US has descended to a new low. It’s sad how quickly we went from brotherhood and prayer to political squabbling.

But I guess what we need to remember is that as a country, we are strongest when ideas come from the caldron of contentious innovation. We are strong enough to allow decent and different ideas. That is freedom.

One last thought on this day is how much we owe the troops and others who continue the battle that allow us the freedom to descent. Don’t ever forget the personal sacrifices that those sailors, airmen, marines, and soldiers make. They especially deserve our thoughts and prayers as we remember those who were lost in 9/11.

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