May 29, 2009 | Barb Carr

Incident: When Sno-Cones become Degreasers!

Checking on the news in the town where my daughter lives I saw this article at, “Sno-Cone Mishap Leaves Sedgwick Co. Zoo Visitors Ill.” Turns out that the employees mistakingly used the dark colored degreaser instead of the dark colored blue sno-cone flavoring.

Here are the highlights from the article (see the link in read more to see the video):

Luckily, the bottle mix-up did not end up with any major injuries. Those involved did not ingest enough of the mixture to cause any harm. Still, they are not happy.

“They need to be more careful, especially serving food. Pay attention to what you’re grabbing because this could have turned out tragic,” the victim said.

The zoo says it will now stop serving blue sno-cones completely to make sure this kind of mix up never happens again.
Now do you think that the zoo officials have truly found the causal factors, identified the root causes, and found the failed safeguards? I am surprised they were not fined for having cleaners stored with food products.. that would be a failed safeguard and root cause of arrangement and placement… but everyone seemed to focus on the mistake made by the sno-cone machine attendants.

What about the other sno-cone machines and food service areas, this may be a generic issue. Why was the issue not caught with proactive audits? If you want to reduce the possibility of this type of incident in the food industry come to our TapRooT® Summit in Nashville this October 5-6 (for the Pre-Summit) and October 7-9 (for the Summit). Found out about our proactive risk assessments and industry best practice tracks at this link:

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