May 24, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Industry Leaders Meet to Solve Biggest Equipment Reliability Problems

SteamTurbineRotorAfterEatingABolt.JPG $$$?

How much are equipment problems costing your site?

Many facilities don’t know.

To find out, start by calculating the cost of unplanned maintenance.

Next, add in the cost of unexpected downtime.

Then, calculate the cost of unhappy customers who had delayed shipments.

Then, add in the cost of any accidents that occurred while repairing unexpected failures.

Don’t forget the overtime required to repair failures in the middle of the night.

These failures and their costs don’t have to be a part of your facilities future.

You can reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime, achieve world-class equipment reliability, and improve your facility’s safety, productivity, and quality by implementing equipment best practices used by industrial leaders worldwide.

But where can you learn these techniques?

Picture 7.png At a meeting of world-wide leaders facilitated by one of the world’s leading equipment reliability experts – Heinz Bloch.

The meeting, call the TapRooT® Summit, is being held in Nashville, TN, on October 7-9, 2009. It has an amazing Equipment Reliability and Maintenance Best Practice Track that is an amazing mix of meetings and discussions designed to help you take your equipment performance to the next level and beyond.

In addition to the Summit, there is a special 2-Day TapRooT®/Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting and Root Cause Failure Analysis Course just before the Summit that will help you use world-class troubleshooting and RCFA techniques to find effective, efficient fixes for equipment reliability issues at your facility.

First, let’s review the details of the Equipment Reliability and Maintenance Best Practices Track at the Summit and then we can look at the pre-Summit Course in more detail.


There are nine breakout sessions over the three day Summit schedule that are specifically focussed on improving equipment reliability and maintenance practices.

Picture 6.png The first day starts with a session to share Equipment Reliability Best Practices. Mark Olson, reliability expert and consultant, will share lessons that he has learned in the refining industry about applying reliability, availability, and maintainability modeling (RAM modeling) to improve plant performance. And in the same session, Tim Thompson, Reliability Supervisor at Marathon’s Robinson Refinery, will discuss reliability strategies to improve profitability.

The second session provides insight into success that TapRooT® Users have had investigation and solving problems in the field. It starts with a presentation by the Director of the Medallion Foundation about an analysis of multiple aviation accidents to find generic problems that, when solved, dramatically improve performance and safety. Next, Ron Pryor of Alcoa’s Davenport Works will present show how they moved from reactive improvement to proactive improvement by using TapRooT® tools in a Kaizen project to improve process reliability and product quality.

200905231711.jpgThe third session is about troubleshooting plant process upsets using customizable Equifactor® Troubleshooting Tables. Jason Laws, Plant Manager at Gulbrandsen Technologies, presents an overview of the application of Equifactor®’s Customizable Tables to process troubleshooting, some of the processes that have been captured in the database, and a review of a process upset that dove tailed with mechanical failure troubleshooting tables. The idea is to capture the knowledge of your equipment and process experts for use by future generations so that they don’t have to “re-invent-the-wheel.”

The second day of the Summit is Heinz Bloch Day. Picture 5.png

Internationally recognized equipment guru, Heinz Bloch and his son, Ken Bloch, reliability expert that works at Flint Hills Refining in St. Paul, MN, will lead sessions guaranteed to keep people interested in equipment reliability improvement glued to their seats.

In the fourth session in this track, Ken Bloch will discuss his experience solving persistent equipment failures.

In the fifth session, Heinz Bloch will discuss his latest thinking on solving some of the worst equipment reliability problems. (You won’t want to miss his great ideas.)

In the sixth session, Heinz will take you beyond standard consultant answers to show you how to become Best-of-Class in equipment reliability by maximizing uptime.

In the seventh session (the final session on Heinz Bloch Day), Heinz will lead a roundtable discussion of equipment reliability best practices. This is a great chance to hear what other industry leaders are doing and to ask Heinz your toughest questions. (It’s almost like having one-one-one consulting time with Heinz.)

On Friday, the final day of the Summit, you have two more sessions.

First, in the eighth session, systems expert Kevin McManus will show you how to find time to achieve excellence. This practical session will show you practical ways to focus on your highest priorities and stop wasting time on things that don’t matter.

In the ninth session, you will spend over an hour developing a custom plan to implement the new best practices that you have learned at the Summit. After all, what good does it do to have great ideas if you don’t get them into practice? In this session you will have TapRooT® Experts to review your plan and give you tips to make it more practical.


Those nine sessions make your time at the Summit very valuable. But there’s even more.

First, you can choose to attend one of the industry best practice sharing sessions. The industries sessions include:

  • Refining, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Pipelines, & Terminals
  • Oil Exploration & Production
  • Mining
  • Utility, Nuclear Plant, & DOE
  • Transportation (Aviation, Shipping, Rail, & Mass Transit)
  • Pharmaceutical, Food, & Manufacturing

E D Hill Live.png DRFISH.png MikeKelley.jpg Prewitt.jpg Miller.png

Also, there are five Keynote presentations. The speakers are:

  • E.D. Hill, Fox News celebrity
  • Dr. Joel Fish, Brian Tink, and Jim Thompson
  • Mike Kelley
  • Dave Prewitt, VP at Rotocraft, & Mark Paradies, President of SI
  • John Miller, Best selling author and personal accountability expert

These presentation will inspire you to take your improvement programs to the next level.


To promote building your network of friends to help with performance improvement, we have three events:

  1. The Name Game – Don’t worry, you’ll like this.
  2. The Wednesday Reception and Exhibit
  3. The Friday afternoon Charity Scramble Golf Tournament

Wow! That’s an extremely worthwhile, jam-packed, three days!

It is so worthwhile and we want you to be so confident in attending that it comes with a GUARANTEE:

Attend the Summit and go back to work
and use what you’ve learned.
If you don’t get at least 10 times the return
on your investment,
simply return the Summit materials and
we’ll refund the entire Summit fee.


Having a world-class program for troubleshooting equipment failures and finding their root causes should be a major part of any program to improve equipment reliability and reduce downtime. That’s why we offer the special 2-Day TapRooT®/Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting and Root Cause Failure Analysis Class on Monday/Tuesday before the Summit.

This course is extremely practical and will help you troubleshoot problems, understand how failures occurred, find the problems root causes, and develop effective, efficient fixes to keep problems from happening over and over again.


That’s it!

Five days of useful information, best practices, networking, benchmarking, and learning that will supercharge your equipment reliability/maintenance program.

If you are being held accountable for equipment reliability and maintenance improvement in 2010, you can’t afford to miss this Summit in 2009.

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