April 20, 2009 | Barb Carr

Interactive Best Practice Session about Communicating After an Accident

Vincent Phipps, Professional Speaker, Communication Coach and Consultant with TLC, Talk LIsten Communicate, will be presenting “DISCovering How to Communicate After an Accident” at the 2009 TapRooT® Summit.

Vincent specializes in developing and presenting workshops and individual coaching toward improving people skills, human performance, and acquiring results through interpersonal communication and organizational development.

Vincent was the #1 rated presenter and speaker at the Western Regional MSHA Conference and was recognized by “40 Under 40” as a top 40 professional under age 40. He has 12 years of experience developing and presenting seminars improving people skills and has delivered award winning presentations with OSHA, TVA, ADN TVPPA. Vincent is the talk show host and episode producer of the longest public television program in history, has written over 300 articles for sites, periodicals and newsletters and is the author of the book, “Beyond the Poems.”


DISCovering How to Communicate After an Accident

Successful communicators know how to adapt. Learning how to modify your approach based on who you talk to when asking and answering questions can make the difference in preventing accidents and possibly saving lives. This session addresses the four most common types of behavioral styles. You will see live demonstrations by the presenter of how to adapt the same message four different ways. Each attendee will receive priceless communication tips such as 3 rules for improving investigation questions, who to get someone to share more information, and how to confirm understanding.

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