May 11, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Investigation Assistance – When To Ask For Help

People who attend TapRooT® Training know that trainees are expected to go back to work as self-sufficient investigators. They should be able to perform an excellent root cause analysis without an outside facilitator. But it’s always nice when you are a new investigator to start off with some easy incidents before diving into a politically sensitive accident or a legally difficult fatality. Plus some investigations are better when facilitated by an outsider. Therefore, here are some suggestions of when to ask for help facilitating, investigating, and analyzing the root causes of an incident.

Legal: Could this accident end up in court? If so, you need the help of your company’s attorney. They may need to be involved BEFORE the investigation starts to establish “attorney/client privilege.” In these cases, the attorney may want to hire an outside expert to review the company’s investigation and help spot potential weaknesses before legal action starts.

Customer Dispute: It’s always tough when a customer has a problem and blames your product/service. What do you do if you think that the product/service was OK but instead, the customer’s actions caused the problem? Root cause analysis could be a big help. But will the customer believe the results of your employees’ investigation? This is a good time to get an outside facilitator to provide an independent perspective.

Union Issue: Ever had an investigation that gets contentious with a union? This may be time to ask for help. An outside facilitator provides an independent perspective and can help both sides see how to achieve improvement.

Just Learning: TapRooT® Training is a great start for a new investigator. But, as we say in the course, get your feet wet when you go back to work by performing some easy investigations. What if a complex accident happens when you are newly training? Ask for help! Get an experienced investigator to help you facilitate the investigation or to review your work and coach you.

Overwhelmed: Too many accidents to investigate? Augment your staff with outside facilitators to help investigate incidents and provide your investigators with valuable feedback.

SI has 40+ experienced TapRooT® investigators around the world to provide help when you need it. Contact us at the link above or call 865-539-2139.

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