May 18, 2009 | Dave Janney

Investigation Points to Human Error, Blames Subcontractor for Accident at Arena Site

Here is the story:

I blogged about this incident a while back, so this is just the latest info that caught my eye.

Don’t you just love the way these articles are worded?

Human Error….really?  That’s a new one!  But….the question is WHY?

Blames Subcontractor.………how convenient!  

Not sure if anyone was fired…..but….that’s a key piece of info!

I like how they presented their findings and the contractor was not invited nor did they decide to attend.  That sure makes it easy!

I was glad to see that they have decided to “implement a number of procedures” to fix the problem.  Sounds great, but I’m not convinced.

Add a few lawyers and a PR firm to the mix, and we’ve got a real hootenanny!

It will be interesting to see what OSHA determines.

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Happy Investigating!  


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