January 10, 2012 | Ken Reed

Investigation, Troubleshooting, & Root Cause Analysis Track at the 2012 Global TapRooT® Summit

We’re counting down to the 2012 Global TapRooT® Summit in Las Vegas on February 29 to March 2.  Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the growing improvement trend by attending the premier root cause analysis event.

One of the exciting tracks this year is the Investigation, Troubleshooting, & Root Cause Analysis Track.  We have lots of outstanding sessions included in this track.  You can see the full schedule by clicking this link.  Here is a quick run-down of the sessions:

1.  TapRooT® Implementation, Investigations, and Process Improvements. This session will include talks by 3 different speakers, describing how they have been successful implementing TapRooT® at their facilities.  Janis Chartier (PPL Electric), Mike Ezzell (Price Gregory Construction), and Mark Eliopulos (Prevention Opportunities) will give specific examples of how TapRooT® has been used to effectively investigate problems at their facilities.  There’s nothing better than actual examples to give you great ideas for improvements at your own facilities.

2.  What is “Culture” & How Do You Identify & Solve Culture Problems Using TapRooT®? Brian W. Tink, Brian A. Tink (yep, father and son), Richard Mesker and Clare Solomon will discuss company culture and how that directly relates to the TapRooT® process, with direct relationships to the Root Cause Tree®.  How do you actually measure and define your company’s culture?  How do you communicate a message to help change a culture?Think you understand “culture”?  Check out this session for a terrific explanation of how culture and TapRooT® fit together.

3.  Troubleshooting Equipment Problems as Part of a TapRooT® Investigation. Many investigations end up with an equipment failure as one or more of the Causal Factors.  How do these failures fit in with the general investigation process?  I’ll be discussing how machinery failures, while often a piece of the puzzle, are often more a symptom than a cause.

4. CAPA in Quality: The Strong and the Weak. Where are those quality managers out there?  Karen Migliaccio will host a lively on discussion on how quality issues can be investigated using TapRooT®.

5. TapRooT® Users Share Root Cause Best Practices. Linda Unger and Michele Lindsay will be facilitating an interactive session for all users.  Come and give your ideas, or just sit back and absorb the ideas from others.  Always a great session!

6. The 7 Secrets of Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis. While many companies are reaping the benefits of sustained, productive investigations, some companies still struggle.  Mark Paradies’ session will share secrets and lessons learned about what makes investigations fail, and more importantly, ways to improve your investigation performance.

7. Investigation Process Best Practices. This is a 2 for 1!!
– Does your investigation process seem to take too long?  Don’t blame TapRooT®!  I’ll be hosting a discussion on how to optimize your investigation process.
– Karen Gallogly will then be presenting an overview of the IEEE Nuclear Root Cause Analysis Standard.

8. The Day 29 Miners Died: The UBB Mine Explosion.  When a tragedy strikes, it is imperative that we learn from the mistakes that were made.  Ken Scott (former MSHA inspector) will lead a discussion on the explosion that took the lives of 29 miners.

These sessions are not to be missed.  Sign up for the 2012 Global TapRooT® Summit, and see how 2012 can be the year you make a difference!

Ken Reed
Track Leader

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