January 22, 2009 | Dave Janney

Investigators seek information in boating accident that cost diver his legs

Here is the story:


Here is an excerpt:

“Investigating a serious boating accident is not as easy or fast as investigating a vehicle accident”

What?  I don’t think anyone can say one type of accident is easier to investigate than another; it depends on the complexity of the incident, what information is available, and so on.  And as far as speed, it has to be done right – sometimes an investigation might not take much time, and other times it may take years, like some complex NTSB investigations.  Maybe I am nitpicking the words used in the article, but what I take away from it is the focus is on speed and ease rather than getting to the root causes and keeping the problem from repeating. 

Part of the problem, at least in my experience, is that people want answers right away – maybe it is the media, or maybe it is your boss.  It’s not easy telling the boss they will have to wait, but it is better than giving a “shoot from the hip” initially and then changing your story after you investigate further.  Don’t fall into this trap! 

Happy investigating.     

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