May 8, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Irish Medical Times Publishes Article: Victim of Killing Machine – Is the Healthcare Industry Ready for Change?

Why do articles about medical errors have an erie similarity?

The latest article comes from the Irish Medical Times. It tells the stories of two deaths from medical errors, the aftermath of litigation, and a failure to learn.

I’ve seen this article dozens of times. It could be written in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and many other countries. Which brings me to the question:

Is the Healthcare Industry Ready to Change?

I hope the time has come. Harry Wetz of Integris Health and I have worked hard to develop a useful, diverse, insightful Medical Error Reduction Best Practices Track for the TapRooT® Summit. The knowledge from this track plus the knowledge available about root cause analysis (either in the 2-Day TapRooT® Course or the 2-Day TapRooT®/FMEA Course before the Summit) could help a hospital that is willing to change make major strides to stop medical errors.

What’s in the Medical Error Reduction Best Practices Track? Here’s a list:

  • Morbidity & Mortality Reviews (Hot Case Rounds) – Dr. Johnny Griggs, MD, Tommy Garnett & David Davies, PS2C2
  • The Human Design Spec: Minimizing Human Error While Working in a 24/7 Medical Environment – Bill Sirois, VP & COO, Circadian Technologies
  • MEDCAS – Richard Cook, Anesthesiologist, University of Chicago Medical Center
  • Improving Patient Safety & Reducing Risk Go Hand-in-Hand – Leilani Kicklighter, The Kicklighter Group
  • Measuring Performance – Dr. Joel Haight, Professor, Penn State
  • Process for Running a Healthcare Root Cause Analysis – Tommy Garnett & David Davies, PS2C2
  • TapRooT® User Success Stories from Industry & Healthcare – Linda Unger
  • “Outside the Box” Creative Solutions – Michele Lindsay, P2, Canada

Also, participants will hear from five very interesting and motivating Keynote Speakers:

  • Nikki Stone – Olympic Champion
  • Lt. Col. Ralph Hayles – Gulf War I Veteran
  • Carolyn Griffiths – Chief Inspector of the UK Rail Accident Investigation Board
  • Ed Frederick – Operator during the Accident at Three Mile Island
  • Marcia Wieder – America’s Dream Coach

In addition to these great sessions and speakers, there will be outstanding networking and best practice sharing that goes beyond the typical “medical industryt only” sessions. The Summit will have international performance improvement experts from a wide variety of industries who medical industry personnel can share ideas and learn from.

The good news is that there is still time for healthcare professionals to sign up for the Summit that is being held on June 25-27 in Las Vegas. For registratio, see:

Now is the time to learn practical, proven methods to improve performance and stop the next “medical error” article by eliminating bad practices and implementing good practices.

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