August 13, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Is Fatigue an Issue at Your Company?

Airlines, hospitals, utilities, trucking companies, barge companies, refineries, nuclear plants, the military, railroads, or any 24 hour operation has a constant problem that haunts their workers: FATIGUE.

Here’s an article about pilot fatigue in the Houston Chronicle:

If fatigue is a possible cause of accidents at your company, perhaps you should attend the TapRooT® Summit and find out more about investigating fatigue related incidents and how to fight fatigue related problems.

Bill Sirois, COO of Circadian Technologies, will present two talks about fatigue. They are:

“How Fatigue Impacts Human error”


“How to Prove that Fatigue Was the Cause of an Incident.”

For the complete Summit schedule for all 12 Summit Best Practice Tracks, click on the appropriate buttons at:

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