July 17, 2009 | Barb Carr

Is Fear Holding You Back? Join the Pursuit of Excellence!

Everything I’ve ever done was out of fear of being mediocre.
~ Chet Atkins

It’s easy to slip into a mediocre way of doing things. Sometimes it happens before we even realize it — we look around and find ourselves there not only because it is the easiest route, but because it is comfortable and familiar.  To step forward into unfamiliar territory is unsettling.  Autopilot works for awhile, but if you are sitting there too long you miss some really great stuff that makes going to work new and exciting again.

The TapRooT® Summit has a reputation for excellence because we know mediocrity isn’t the way to improve performance, prevent injuries and save lives.  Our attendees value the Summit because it re-energizes them, and inspires them to go back to work and tackle their most pressing challenges . . . and win!

Need more motivation?

E.D. Fox Photo

2009 Keynote Speaker, E.D. Hill is sharing her personal and professional experiences on overcoming fear. In a recent telephone conference with System Improvements President, Mark Paradies, E.D. mentioned how fear was a big obstacle in achieving greatness.

Is fear holding you back? Is it fear of:

Missing too many days at work because you are already behind?
Spending money on a conference that won’t prove to be valuable?
Leaving a place that is familiar and comfortable to create a new vision?

If Summit presenter, Buck Griffith, hadn’t taken time out of his grueling schedule to complete a few days of training, would he have had the stamina to analyze 230 environmental incidents in just 5 months? Do you think he may have had some reservations about missing too many days of work to pursue this training and change things up a little? Maybe so, but sometimes taking a few days to learn new skills is the difference between settling for mediocrity and becoming a world-class expert.

Spending money on training is a big concern for many companies right now, but choosing value over saving money is critical in this environment. Have you looked at the Summit schedule lately? Can you think of one event this year that offers more opportunity to network with the type of professionals we are bringing to our event? (Not to mention an event where you can customize a schedule that is a perfect fit for your specific goals!)

Being fearful of changing the old way of doing things and learning something new is understandable. Change is hard — but we should fear the alternative more:  being stuck in an old pattern that is hindering our success.  Can you see yourself receiving enough from the 2009 Summit that you will come back to the 2010 Summit and help us lead the pursuit of excellence?  We do!

REGISTER TODAY for the 2009 TapRooT® Summit, October 7-9, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee!

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