February 10, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Is Your Work “Business Critical”?

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Linda Unger, VP at SI, was talking to a TapRooT® User. He mentioned that he was planning on attending the TapRooT® Summit in October of 2009. She asked:

Are you going to have any problems getting approval
to attend in the current business environment?

His answer:

No. My part in incident investigations
is considered business critical

Is improving safety, quality, productivity, and maintenance by performing outstanding incident investigations “business critical” at your company? If not, why not?

Are cutbacks in a recession worth:

– A couple of fatalities?

– Losing a major customer over bad quality?

– Major cost over-runs because of mistakes in the process?

– Major plant downtime due to an unexpected equipment failure?

When you think of it that way, using incident investigations to improve performance is business critical.

That’s why you should be attending the TapRooT® Summit. The Summit is all about business critical best practices. Business critical best practices that your company can’t afford to miss. Business critical best practices to:

– Save lives
– Reduce risk
– Improve safety
– Change behavior
– Stop human errors
– Improve production
– Eliminate sentinel events
– Manage performance improvement
– Create effective performance measures
– Enhance equipment reliability and maintenance
– Maintain your TapRooT® Certified Instructor status
– Become a TapRooT® Software Super-User/Administrator
– Apply the latest root cause analysis and investigation techniques

For an overview of the Best Practice Tracks, see the schedule page:


For details about the Best Practice Speakers and Sessions, see:


And for information about the Keynote Speakers, see:


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