March 12, 2014 | Mark Paradies

It Takes a Team to Achieve World Class Performance Improvement



Can the CEO alone make his company world class? No.

Can a Safety Manager make the safety culture world class all by himself? No.

Can a Maintenance Manager achieve world class equipment reliability without help? No.

It takes a team to make world class performance improvement happen. 

Senior management, middle management, supervisors, and shop floor employees all have a role to play to make world class performance a reality.

Would you like to learn more about what it takes to develop a world class performance improvement program? Attend the 2014 Global TapRooT® Summit and hear Mark Paradies, President of System Improvements and co-developer of the TapRooT® System, share what he’s learned from sources around the world about implementing  world class performance improvement. 

To be even more effective, bring a team to the Summit. Senior managers, the performance improvement sponsor, the performance improvement manager, incident investigators and problem troubleshooters, and shop floor workers that can help lead the charge to making your company’s performance improvement program world class.

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