October 28, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Japan Reorganized Accident Investigation Boards

An article from the Daily Yomiuri said:

The newly established Japan Transport Safety Board has greater authority to ensure measures aimed at preventing a repeat of accidents by organizations that are involved. But questions remain about whether safety can be achieved simply by trying to pin blame on individuals and isolated causes.

In a major change, the japan Transport safety Board can directly advise companies and can “go public” when it thinks their recommendations are not being followed by the company. This is a major change in Japan.

The article also says:

… a special team of analysts who specialize in accident prevention measures will be formed. Their goal will be to investigate human factors that could cause aviation, maritime and terrestrial accidents. The analysts will then compile reports and propose preventive measures.

The article concludes with:

There also are concerns that in an accident in which many intricate circumstances affect each other, blaming only the person at the end of a long chain of events will not prevent similar accidents.

Interesting to see how a different culture views an independent accident investigation body.

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