September 7, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Jeff Skiles – Co-Pilot of “Miracle on the Hudson” Landing – To Tell His Story at the Summit

Skiles Jeff-1

I just got off the phone with Jeff Skiles who was the co-pilot of the US Airways flight that made an emergency landing in the Hudson River. It was a flight that could have had a tragic end but instead, everyone made it off the plane. After the conversation, I know we are going to have another great Keynote Speaker at the Summit.

Jeff said that he tells his story but provides some of the behind the scenes information that most people don’t know about. Information that helped them be successful that day but also might help you at your facility. The lessons aren’t just about aviation. They can be applied in any industry where things can go wrong and consequences can be severe.

So make sure that when you plan your trip, you plan to stay until the end of the Summit to hear Jeff’s talk. He’ll be speaking from 10:35-11:55 (followed by the TapRooT® Summit Charity Golf Tournament).

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