June 6, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Job Opening: Belleview, WA – Manager, Strategic Risk Management – T-Mobil – Needs Root Cause Analysis Skills

The Strategic Risk Management (SRM) group is responsible for enabling T-Mobile to understand, consider, and mitigate key business risks.  SRM is responsible to champion, support, and drive the overall Risk Management and Assurance (RM&A) group’s strategy to implement a greater enterprise view of risk through Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) architecture and framework, assessing and maintaining a portfolio group of risks, risk reporting, and communication.  This includes the development and implementation of key enterprise risk management concepts and programs to support the achievement of T-Mobile’s strategic and business objectives.  These efforts enable risk professionals to assist management in identifying, measuring, prioritizing, establishing tolerances, mitigating, and documenting significant risks to the company.

The Manager of Strategic Risk management must have demonstrated abilities in problem-solving and analysis: identifies issues, analyzes information to assess root cause and relationships, risks, and potential risk responses.

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