January 15, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Job Opening – Everett, WA – Manufacturing Quality Engineer with Root Cause Analysis Skills

Applied Technical Services

Develops, applies, and maintains requirements and product performance records to ensure compliance with quality and company ISO standards by performing the following duties.

Establishes, implements, and manages ISO systems, root cause analysis and defect tracking.

Develops metrics for process improvements and auditing.

Defines and justifies tool and resource requirements, factory safety, and regulatory compliance.

Designs and implements methods, policies, and procedures for ensuring the quality level of products.

Reviews supporting manufacturing documentation to ensure it contains necessary criteria and provisions to permit effective quality screening materials.

Collects and analyzes data and recommends corrective actions for procedural, product, process, or design deficiencies.

Analyzes reports and returned products and recommends corrective action.

Works with customer personnel on all issues related to product quality.

Works with the manufacturing engineering staff and manufacturing personnel to ensure effective inspection and testing procedures and processes are implemented and maintained.

Specifies equipment necessary to verify and validate product compliance with customer specified requirements.

Interprets and explains inspection procedures, specifications and use of qualified screening systems to workers.

Assists workers in resolving technical problems.

Reads, prepares, collects, and maintains reports such as quality performance and continuous improvement metrics.

Substitutes for absent workers and assists workers to alleviate work overload situations.

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