January 16, 2014 | Barb Carr

Job Opening for Contract Consultant with TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Skills

Saudi Aramco, the largest gas and oil producer in the world, has an opening for a contract consultant with experience in the use of TapRooT® as a problem solving and root cause analysis tool.  The Upstream business line HSE Team has built an internal certification based on continuing education in and use of TapRooT® through turning in investigations/analyses on actual incidents (whether or not safety-related)  or through completing case studies provided by Upstream.

We are in the process of rolling out a risk-based incident investigation system that will require a TapRooT® investigation into any incident with actual or potential consequences of a disabling injury.  This will significantly increase demand for TapRooT® analysts.  Support from the HSE Team is required (facilitating the investigation) for investigation of any incidents with actual or potential risk for single or multiple fatalities.

In addition, we are in the process of transitioning to an Operational Excellence organization and TapRooT® has been selected as the root cause analysis tool that will be used in all problem solving analyses and investigations (reliability, equipment failure, environmental, safety, etc.).  All of these items will produce both a tremendous demand for TapRooT® courses and a demand on the HSE Team for participation in high-potential risk investigations.

The duties of the contractor will be to manage our certification maintenance program and provide investigation and consulting support to our Upstream organizations.  It is not necessary that the candidate be a certified TapRooT® trainer, but that would be a plus.  The one-year renewable contract will include housing on camp, all business-related transportation, meal per diem, and two expenses paid interim leave trips back to the point of origin.  The contractor may also assist in other areas of HSE, such as HSE assessments of production organizations using an internal standard.

The plan is to move this position to a full-time employee position over the next few years, but that can’t be promised as it depends on circumstances.  We already have one full-time contractor working exclusively on TapRooT®.  If you have an interest in the position, please note the contact details below:

Larry Perkinson, CSP, ARM
Upstream HSE Team Leader
+966 13 873-3765

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