June 30, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Job Opening – Instructor – Canadian Society of Safety Engineers

The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering will require one new, additional Instructor for its Applied Risk Communication Skills course beginning in the 2007 CSSE Schedule of Courses.

Applicant Qualifications:

Extensive experience in a work context related to the course content, e.g., risk communication, techniques in designing and delivering messages to senior management, employee groups, the public and the media;

Professional training in leadership skills such as negotiating, problem solving, crisis management, communication techniques, media interface, and coaching;

Commitment and dedication to modifying and improving corporate safety culture and managing strategic change;

Previous instructional experience in adult education or training (certification preferred) with exemplary evaluations;

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;

CHSC designation preferred;

Membership in CSSE and previous participation in CSSE professional development opportunities expected.

A successful applicant must be available to participate in a minimum of one delivery of a scheduled offering of the Applied Risk Communication Skills course in 2007 and be observed by the principal Instructor before being selected as a CSSE Temporary Trainer.

As a Temporary Trainer, the successful applicant will deliver a full two-day course under observation of a qualified Instructor before undertaking the position of CSSE Instructor.

The newly recognized Instructor will undertake a commitment to teach the Applied Risk Communication Skills course, beginning in 2007, for a minimum of two years in a yearly schedule of courses determined by the CSSE in consultation with Instructors.

Selection of Instructors is governed by the CSSE Trainer Development Process‚ and Instruction of CSSE courses is governed by the CSSE Education Parameters‚ (both determined by the CSSE Education Steering Committee) which outline Selection of Instructors, Instructing Responsibilities, Class Size, Course Offerings and Teaching Assignments, Remuneration and Reimbursement of Expenses, Administrative Support, Evaluation of Courses and Instruction, etc.

Please direct a letter of interest and resumé with details pertaining to the stated qualifications as well as the names and contact information of two references who are able to speak to your qualifications.


Wayne Glover

Executive Director, CSSE

39 River Street

Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3P1

email: wglover@associationsfirst.com

or by FAX (416) 646-9460)

Deadline for Receipt of Applications: July 21, 2006

Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE)

39 River Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3P1

Tel: (416) 646-1600 Fax: (416) 646-9460




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