February 3, 2020 | Susan Napier-Sewell

Join Barb Carr’s Webinar: Investigative Interviewing Techniques

Barb Carr

How will you learn investigation interviewing skills in the TapRooT® Investigation Interviewing Skills Webinar?

Register for the February 19, 2020, TapRooT® Investigation Interviewing Skills Webinar

Time: 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST

The 90-minute TapRooT® Investigation Interviewing Skills Webinar focuses on the TapRooT® 12-Step Interviewing Process. The TapRooT® 12-Step Interviewing Process is a PROVEN, SYSTEMATIC APPROACH that will improve your investigation interviewing skills. The Process includes everything you need to know about investigation interviewing and conducting a better interview.

Why attend the TapRooT® Investigation Interviewing Skills Webinar?

  1. Interviewing skills are essential to good evidence collection. Learn this specific evidence collection skill that is extremely important to conduct a solid incident investigation.
  2. Become an expert. Attending this webinar is a great way to expand your interviewing skills to the level of an expert. The TapRooT® Interviewing Process is proven to help you collect better quality information and, with some practice, you will be on your way.
  3. It’s efficient for busy investigators. Learn this skill at a minimal time commitment and expense, and still receive feedback from a live instructor.

What skills will you gain/enhance?

You will learn how to:
•prepare for an interview
•structure the interview
•deal with a reluctant witness
•develop questions
•use cognitive techniques to aid memory retrieval
•analyze verbal cues
•identify nonverbal cues

Watch TapRooT® TV – The Power Of Rapport For Investigative Interviewing

Ready to register?

Sign up now for one of the remaining spots in the February 24, 2020, TapRooT® Investigation Interviewing Skills Webinar with the link below.


Enroll in the TapRooT® Evidence Collection and Investigation Interviewing Course, Offered at the 2020 Global TapRooT® Summit

The TapRooT® EVIDENCE COLLECTION AND INVESTIGATION INTERVIEWING TRAINING COURSE is currently available once a year, upcoming at the 2020 GLOBAL TAPROOT® SUMMIT, March 9-13. The course is chock-full of beneficial and applicable INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES.

You may also request for TapRooT® to TEACH THIS COURSE to your company on-site, simultaneously training a significant number of team members in a 1-day course.

The best root cause analysis leads to effective corrective actions

The TapRooT® System teaches you to be a very effective problem-solver. The System is a process with techniques to investigate, analyze, and develop corrective actions to solve problems. The TapRooT® process and tools are completely described in the TapRooT® Investigation Essentials Book Set.

Register for a TapRooT® Course

TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Training courses are taught all over the world. If you are interested in learning how to stop repeat incidents, find a 2-DAY or 5-DAY course. You may have an interest in one of our other COURSESlet us know if you need help choosing a course.

We are also available to train you and your staff on-site at your workplace; REACH OUT to discuss your needs. Call 865.539.2139 for any questions you may have.

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