April 13, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Joint UK HSE/Police Investigation of Arson Leads to £40,000 Fine for Company that Was the Victim

This investigation seems pretty adversarial toward the company that was the victim of the arsonist. Here’s a quote from the York Press:

BCB Environmental Management Ltd, of Marston Business Park, pleaded guilty to three breaches of health and safety regulations after an arsonist used the chemicals to start a blaze at the site.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) told Harrogate magistrates the company created a risk that drums containing flammable liquids could have ignited because they were processed close to unprotected electrical equipment.


Here’s links to the York Press story:


Here’s a link to the HSE press release:


Maybe you need to attend the pre-Summit course being provided by two former UK detectives to understand how police investigation work at industrial facilities. See:

A Police Enquiry into a Death in the WorkPlace – Corporate Responsibility

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