February 16, 2012 | Mark Paradies

Just 12 Days Until the TapRooT® Summit – Are You Attending One of the Sessions Explaining TapRooT® User's Success?

During the first Best Practice Breakout Session (Wednesday from 10:30 – 12), there are three sessions that tell the success stories of TapRooT® Users.

The first is about improving human performance and is titled Proactive Prevention of Injuries and Accidents Due to Human Error. It includes a talk about “Using Human fFactors to Stop Hand Injuries” by Warren Rush of Superior Energy and another talk about “Identifying and Fixing Potential Fatality Risks” by Ron Pryor (retired from Alcoa).

Next is a session about quality improvement using TapRooT®. It includes two talks about improving quality of medical devices and over the counter pharmaceuticals. It is titled TapRoot® Implementation Success Stories.

The third session is about investigations and safety and is titled TapRooT® Implementation, Investigations, and Process Improvements. There will be talks by Janis Chartier of PP&L (TapRooT® Implementation at PPL Electric Utilities), Mike Ezzell of the Texas Safety Association (A TapRooT® investigation at Price Gregory Construction), and Mark Eliopulos of Kaiser Aluminum (Near Misses – Prevention Opportunities).

Don’t miss these great sessions about success using root cause analysis. Register for the 2012 Summit today!

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