December 5, 2007 | Barb Carr

Kitchen fire in Topeka ($50,000 loss)


It is good to note that the fire department responded quickly and there were no fatalities. The supervisor’s response after investigating the accident was to focus on why the waiter did not check before locking the door. If he had been more attentive this accident would have never happened…..I must confess though, while the damage and location are correct this fire actually occurred in someone’s house and a dog was to blame. Authorities say the woman was taking garbage outside Tuesday evening when the dog somehow shut the door behind her. Firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke with flames shooting from the roof of the home.

Had you known that this was a dog instead of a waiter would you have changed your focus to the cook instead during your root cause analysis? Why should this bias your investigation? Is this how your company leads investigations? We can help you avoid this bias with our TapRooT® root cause analysis process.

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